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Game-changing turnaround in the Swiss Health Care System and for its patients with a world premiere Swiss Case Management App. An all in one “Coordination, Coaching & Supervision” Health Care App with all your relevant medical information (medical reports, medication plan, certificates, power of attorney, joint target agreement with all the relevant stakeholders, face-time consultations and interactions with professional Case Managers (digitally and physically if preferred) in your hand resp. in your own safe data-cloud.


We bet so save 1 billion Swiss Francs by the end of 2021!


The Swiss Health Care system is in a severe condition. The fever will soon reach an overwhelming and boiling 100 billion Swiss Francs per year! According to the BAG and other innovative organizations like, 1.5 billion Swiss Francs are being spent unnecessarily and even dangerously with mostly overwhelmed patients and doctors.


We are striving to revolutionize and completely transform the relationship and data-transfer between you as a patient and your doctor by individually supporting, coaching and supervising both you and your doctors (independently, neutrally, digitally and even physically if needed or preferred). That could mean that we accompany you either with live face-time or in person to the doctor.


We are set to empower first and foremost the patient for more self-responsibility and to actively challenge the relationship and cost & quality awareness between the patients and medical practitioners. At the same time, we are creating a whole league of new generation medical practitioners, who share the same vision and currently find it hard to fulfil their full mission regarding the code of conducts and code of ethics! Please study this link


People &

Table Captain

Remo Heinrich (Bachelor of Social Work, ZHAW)

Team & Partners:

Nik Huber, Owner and Head Coach
Dr. med. Flavia Curreli (Assistenzärztin Innere Medizin) & potential Target Group Manager of Luxemburg
Stephan Rohrbach, Leiter CCYP, Center for young professionals IT Post/PostFinance AG
Chinedu Alamezie, Manager Target Group Generation ONE Fitness – G1 in Lagos, Nigeria, Executive Manager, Sun Remo GmbH
Aline Werre, New Generation-(Psychologist), Trainee HR & Marktforschung, PostFinance AG
Jonathan Abplanalp, Lerndesinger, Führung & Agilität, Digital Champion, Stv. Teamleitung Lerndesing, PostFinance AG
Yannick Schaer, Lerndesinger (E-Learning) in Ausbildung, Mediamatiker EFZ, Video- und Multimedia-Produktionen, PostFinance AG
Graziella Bianco-Papa, Filialleiterin PostFinance Uster since 10 years
Beat Friedli, Agile Disruptor, Teacher & multi Talent, PostFinance AG
Marco Fritsche, Journalist, (Fernseh)-Moderator, Influencer

Potential Partners:


No news yet


SUNREMO G1 by Remo Heinrich


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