Smart Station


Imagine a train station embracing digitalization and customer-orientation. The Smart Station bet will show what this could look like.


The participants of the Smart Station project bet that by April 2019, they will have established Zurich Main Station as the world’s most digital, personal traffic hub for customers, tenants, suppliers and other innovative partners.


The ecosystem of a train station, including its assets, 24h-operations and sales, is currently underutilized. On top of that, digital themes have been considered separately and have enjoyed little coordination so far, which has led to limited customer benefits.


In order to improve customer experience, clients will be able to impact their experience at the train station, such as light, signaling, music, information or navigation to their own preference. At the same time, new services will be implemented and the infrastructure’s efficiency will be increased.


The main station’s daily visitors of over half a million will experience a more customer-oriented stay. This will help to position Zurich as a lighthouse for innovation in mobility, logistics, interaction, retail and hospitality while saving costs of underutilization.

People &

Bet Captain

Philipp Leimgruber (SBB)


Google, Valora, Migros, Schindler Aufzüge, Candrian Catering, inaffect AG


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