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Hypertension is the #1 reason for death in Switzerland. Every fifth Swiss is affected by it. To fight hypertension and its consequences, different apps will incentivize people to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The Roundtable E-Health bets that by September 2017, it can create a digital ecosystem that enables people to increase their health competency through participation. Furthermore, the Roundtable bets that by April 2018, more than 100,000 people will be involved in the digital ecosystem and one year later these people will have demonstrably lowered their blood pressure.


In Switzerland, a high percentage of the population suffers from increased blood pressure. Most of them without even knowing it. Hypertension does not only cause serious damage to a patient’s heart and blood vessels, it is also a strain on the Swiss health care system, as experts state.


Different existing and new apps, that enable individuals to get engaged with this topic. Riva Digital’s ecosystem is open for all activation platforms and aggregates a minimal set of anonymous data for non-commercial purpose. The ecosystem increases the individual competence for measuring one’s own health status by activation and awareness for all.


Fighting hypertension preventively has the potential to take pressure from the Swiss healthcare system. In Switzerland, reduced blood pressure could lower medication costs by CHF 600 million annually – and save lives.

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