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Two Powerhouses as community hubs around digital skills, bridging the IT and social sector together and offering a variety of ICT programs to keen learners


We bet that by April 2020, we will have established a “Powerhouse” both in Lausanne and Zurich as brimming community hubs that make learning digital skills accessible to people of diverse backgrounds, including refugees, children, parents, IT professionals, and social entrepreneurs.

By 2021, the Powerhouses will have become sustainable and will generate collaborations and projects, and train new professionals for the whole of Switzerland.


Worldwide, there are millions of vacant IT jobs due to digitalization. In Switzerland alone, there will be 40,000 unfilled jobs in the ICT sector by 2026 (source: ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz). Companies are in dire need of talented ICT professionals.

At the same time, there are 100,000 forcibly displaced people living in Switzerland (source: SEM). Many of them struggle to find quality employment despite being highly skilled and university qualified.


The Powerhouses will facilitate the creation of social links, encourage new careers in ICT, generate unique collaborations, and, above all, become a hub dedicated to ICT innovation.

Beyond the flagship programming course, other workshops, activities and events will invite the public to engage around tech and innovation.


  • Talented professionals with a refugee status thrive in their jobs, contribute with their unique strengths and have positive bonds with other members of society.
  • Private companies diversify their talent pool and benefit from the contributions of the talented individuals they work with.
  • Children, parents, refugees, IT professionals and entrepreneurs meet new people and improve their digital skills.

People &

Bet Captain

Andrina Beuggert (Powercoders – Zürich)
Magaly Mathys (Powercoders – Lausanne)


Swisscom, Häsler Stiftung, Arcas Foundation, Impact Hub


More information can be found here: www.powercoders.org
Media coverage: powercoders.org/press/



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