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Digitalization is transforming our environment and our daily lives at a high pace. How can we keep up with all the changes? How can we build up digital competencies?


The group Digital Competencies bets that by September 2017, 5,000 people will have carried out an online assessment on their digital competencies. By April 2018, they bet that the number of participants will have risen to 20,000.


Our environment is becoming more and more digital, changing the way we work, learn and socialize. Meanwhile, a lack of digital competencies can cause uncertainty and increase the need to develop basic digital skills.


An online tool, which allows participants to anonymously test their digital competence level, could help to solve the problem. The tool provides users with personalized recommendations on digital training and benchmarks of other participants’ results.


The survey can help to detect gaps and thus serve as motivational tool to help people find their way around the digitalized environment. The survey’s results can also be used as basis for an ongoing improvement of the incumbent digital education landscape.

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Bet Captain

Robert Rudolph (Swissmem)


ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz , Swissmem, ICTswitzerland, Swico, SIZ, Economiesuisse


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