Our idea is it to build an open innovation ecosystem that will enable and foster cross-industry collaboration and innovation.


The Swisscom Kickbox team bets that by the End of 2021, it can create a digital ecosystem that enables cross-company collaboration across industries that involves large organizations, innovation service providers, universities, startups and investors.


There is an increasing demand for cross-industry innovation. Access to projects and experts from other organizations happens through personal networks and there is a need for more transparency and enablers, that are able to connect the different organizations in the innovation landscape.


Our innovation platform ( acts as enabler for open innovation by making projects and experts visible and by enabling collaboration across organizations. The on-boarding of a critical mass of large corporations on our digital platform in combination with a trusted peer community will enable collaboration across industries. Further, on-boarding of universities allows new forms of public-private collaboration and the inclusion of startups and investors will create a 360 degree open innovation ecosystem.


We bet by December 2021, at least 10 cross-industry projects were funded through our open innovation ecosystem and expertise and best practices are shared through the community on the platform.

People &

Table Captain

David Hengartner (Swisscom)


Desired collaborators: Large Corporations, Innovation Service Providers, Leading Universities, Startup Ecosystem & Investors


More infos about the Getkickbox. Platform can be foundĀ here
Infos about the Open Source Kickbox can be foundĀ here


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