Employees, companies and educational organisations all benefit from a transparent labour market. If certificates of employment, diplomas and further training can be shared transparently and securely between the stakeholders on the blockchain, the labour market will become more efficient. This makes MyCV the fuel for lifelong learning. In future, all relevant steps in working life will be tracked using verified certificates and badges.


The MyCV team bets that by April 2019 it will have an ecosystem with 10 companies and institutions using the MyCV platform, and will have verified 100,000 certificates by April 2020.


Today, certificates are mostly in paper form and represent a hurdle to digitalisation efforts. The sharing and the process of proof of authenticity is inefficient, and personal aspirations for lifelong learning are not reflected in the certificates.


Companies and institutions are given the opportunity to deposit certificates and badges on the blockchain, making them easily digitised and (substantively) verified for employees, guaranteeing more transparency for employer and employee. Customers are educational organisations that pay a license fee depending on their size. In order to verify the rapid market penetration, we want to attract renowned institutions to participate in the proof of concept – copying effect leads to the achievement of a critical


About 45 educational institutions and 989 continuing education institutions operate in Switzerland, with more than 500 employers. Educational institutions and employers in particular require easily verifiable digital certificates and badges, and thus motivate employees to continue their education.

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Eva Lüthi (Swisscom)



Swisscom, Wenger&Vieli, Netcetera


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Manuela Disch (Swisscom)


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