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More than three million hours of ski classes are sold every year in Switzerland. The number of mountain instructors/guides is unknown but is estimated to be a six-digit number. By creating a smart contract-based ecosystem, the authorisation procedure of outdoor professionals ensures transparency for all stakeholders (outdoor professionals, cantonal and governmental authorities, professional associations and insurance companies), and guarantees that all outdoor professionals meet the highest Swiss standards.


We bet that by October 2018 we realize a digital authorization process for all risk-sensitive outdoor activities. By April 2019, all 1500 outdoor professionals will be certified/validated in Valais with their realtime status visible by their customers. By 2020 Extension to all outdoor professionals within Switzerland is done.


Customers want a guarantee that their instructor/guide possesses the required skills and satisfies the legal, regulatory and social obligations. The current certification process does not ensure a permanent up-to-date status, which a fully digitalised process would allow.


The authorisation process will be digitalised through the creation of an ecosystem based on smart contracts between the professional, their risk insurance company, association of professionals and the government. The platform, developed initially for the canton of Valais, will be extended to a digital ecosystem that includes all stakeholders.


The skills and quality of the more than 15,000 instructors for all high-risk outdoor activities are always current and guaranteed, which ensures the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of customers. The solution is potentially expandable to any governmental authorisation, in any field.

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Christophe Darbellay (Canton of Valais)


icare Institute
We Can Fund
Swiss Snow Sports
Swiss Mountain Guides Association (SBV)


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