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For many young families, finding and managing childcare is a central issue and has major implications for both the society (work-life balance) and the economy (better work-life balance leads to more motivated employees).
Digitalization can help give parents a better and more transparent overview of the childcare offerings, as well as more flexibility in their daily routine.


We bet that we can link all Swiss childcare centers (Kitas) to our central platform so that parents in need of a childcare solution can look for Kitas, check slot availability, book fix slots and manage short-time needs directly. A first goal would be to implement the concept with a few dozens Kitas by mid-2020, so that nationwide coverage can be tackled starting early 2021.


Finding and organizing childcare for pre-schoolers is a major burden for young families. Not only does it costs a lot of effort to find the right Kita, the uncertainty which one is the best remains. Later, managing short-term emergencies such as a later pick up due to a delay at work remains a difficult and time-consuming task.


Kitaclub.ch already provides a unique nationwide and multi-lingual directory of all Swiss Kitas. By seamlessly connecting Kitas (through their management- and planning-software) to our platform, we can provide a reliable overview of available slots, easy ways to book fix or temporary slots. Hence, managing childcare becomes much, much easier.


By giving the parents an easier access to childcare solutions, we can make a significant contribution to a better work-life balance. Less stress for the parents will in turn positively impact the children.

In addition, an easier access to quality childcare will allow more women to pursue their professional careers, which will be a big benefit for the economy.

HR departments of both SME and corporations will also have a better overview of the available childcare solutions for their employees, thus simplifying their tasks and enabling them to better and more efficiently help their employees.

The Kitas themselves will also benefit by being able to increase occupancy and optimize staff resources while decreasing administration overhead.

In its ‘Progress Barometer 2018’, Credit Suisse had ranked childcare as one of the top issues we have to address and to solve. Let’s tackle it!

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