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This generation’s pupils will face unprecedented challenges on the job market due to digital changes. Teachers have to prepare their students for the future. But how?


The project group ICT-Workshops bets that by the end of April 2018, 100 half-day programming workshops will be held with the complete teaching staff of 100 schools across all levels and regions in Switzerland.


Digitization requires students to acquire new skill sets, such as programming, which has never been taught in schools before. If this is not remedied, Swiss students are threatening to fall behind international competition.


The solution is to provide teachers with basic programming skills and thus help them to prepare their pupils for the future. The workshop will raise teachers’ enthusiasm for digitalization and the new means to teach pupils.


The new teaching tools will help teachers to better guide their students and, as a result, help Switzerland to raise a generation of designers, developers and problem-solvers for the digital future.

People & Partners.

Bet Captain

Rolf Schaub (ICT Scouts / Campus)


ICT Scouts/Campus, SBFI, UZH, PH FHNW, Codillion


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More insights on the bet “ICT-Workshop in Schools” can be found here.


For further information or questions please contact us at challenge@digitalswitzerland.com


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