Green Label
for Data Centers


Switzerland is set to become one of the most attractive data hosting countries in Europe, thus impacting figures such as energy consumption and use of cooling water.


The bet is to reduce the energy consumption figures for Switzerland significantly, and become an even more attractive computation and data hosting country through implementation of a decentralised ‘green label’ by 2019, with a carbon-neutral computation and ultimately an energy efficiency strategy for data centres.


Driven by the adoption of new technologies, such as IoT, data analytics and autonomous vehicles, data usage is expected to explode. Today, cloud offerings consume 5% of the world electricity, emit 3% of the total CO2 and use 626 billion litres of water. By 2025, 25% of the worldwide energy will be used for IT. Even today, Swiss data centres account for 4% of the total Swiss energy consumption, which equals the total consumption of the canton of Neuchâtel.


Creation of a ‘green label’ data centre will raise awareness internally and externally, and the collaboration between the partners will be fostered by use of each other’s expertise and best practice, thus identifying the business and the sustainability impact of a ‘green label’ certification.


Carbon-neutral data and collaboration with third-party organisations will reduce the energy consumption of Switzerland by 30% and promote Switzerland as a data hosting country.

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Bet Captain

Monica Gille (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)


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