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Currently Digital has a similar impact as civil aviation and this impact is steadily increasing. The idea is to bring together the actors of the economy, politics, academia and specialists of Green IT in the form of a study that would assess the impact of digital in Switzerland and create a label, certifications and propose good practices in order to achieve a responsible digital transition.


We will launch the first study on the environmental impact of digitalization for Swiss companies in March 2020. By September 2019 we will find 5 – 7 companies, we work with Cantons Vaud, Fribourg and NPOs to sensitize the public on the subject. In September 2020 we will publish the study results and organize publics meeting. In March 2021 we will launch a Swiss Green IT Label.


Digital has become an indispensable tool for companies but also for our daily private uses, but few people are aware of the impact IT represents. The extraction of the components as well as the manufacturing are in large parts carried out in countries not complying with the minimum environmental and social standards. The exponential use and proliferation of connected objects and energy-hungry technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain consume a great deal of electricity from nuclear, oil and coal. Hardware recycling is creating significant transport efforts. A majority of components is returned to the same producing countries which recycle only a small part while the remainder is left, polluting soils and groundwater, seriously affecting the environment and health on local population.


The approach in the form of a study wants to bring different actors together to propose good practices, and to create a label and certifications for the purpose of public utility. It is the basis for dynamic collaboration on the subject, and to educate and empower the public. It increases the awareness of the efforts made by the economic actors on the subject, and serves to inform about the use of digital in a responsible way.


By improving the use of digital in a responsible way, one can have a global impact through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and create an economic impact for companies actively involved.

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Club Green IT,, Université de la Rochelle, Green IT Belgium, Groupe Spécialisé Green IT de la Société Suisse d’Informatique, etc.


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