Digital “Landsgemeinde” will develop procedures and tools to promote and enable direct political grassroot participation during the process of direct democratic decision making.


We bet that by end of 2019 we win three Communes/Municipalities “Gemeinden” to participate in our prototype for Digital “Landsgemeinde”, i.e. co-participating and designing the common public space by strengthening the participation with new digital instruments. We will achieve best practice not only for the content-oriented solutions, but by doing so we’ll also strengthen direct democracy. The prototype Digital “Landsgemeinde” will prove there are no losers, but only winners, co-designing citizens.


The advantages of direct digital participation in democracy are not yet fully realized. The prevalent negative image of direct democracy in Europe as well as political apathy are hindering the direct participation of the citizens. We believe that digital means can resolve that.


We plan to win three Communes/Municipalities “Gemeinden” to co-develop applications which enable co-participation and co-designing by citizens, starting with one project per Municipality.


The way co-participation and co-design of citizens is achieved is thought to be scalable for a multitude of projects in a multitude of Municipalities.

There are longer term impacts too:

  • Digitalization allows for transforming protest movements (such as e.g. Occupy Wall Street or Climate Strike) into participatory democratic decision making that can have sustainable impact.
  • More problems of international and even global reach need to be resolved more and more urgently, and they need solutions supported by strong majorities of the population. Digital participation is a strong vehicle to achieve that goal.
  • Direct democracy is a 1st tier export item of Switzerland. There is a strong need world-wide for more democracy (not less!).

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Regula Stämpfli (@lastaempfli)


More partners needed, especially partners with financing capabilities.


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