Digital Founding
Process on Blockchain


How can the businesses incorporation process become easier and quicker? How can digital innovation reduce paperwork and ensure security at the same time?


The team bets that by September 2017, a commercial registry Minimum Viable Product on blockchain is realized, ensuring quick paperless business incorporation. It bets that by April 2018, incorporation of companies in Switzerland will be a digital process and that by April 2019, the life cycle of companies will be digitally represented, securing Switzerland’s pole position as one of the most competitive countries.


Founding a business in Switzerland is a hassle. Out of 138 countries, the World Economic Forum Competitiveness Report ranked Switzerland 54th and 56th, respectively, when it comes to the number of regulations and days to start a business. This is largely due to the numerous involved banks, lawyers and the commercial register, and the exchange of paper documents amongst these parties.


The digitization of the incorporation process using blockchain technology could significantly increase registration speed and efficiency by ensuring highest security between sender and receiver of the documents.


The accelerated company founding process would assure Switzerland’s economic competitiveness. On top of that, the use of a blockchain-based process in the formation of companies would guarantee higher legal certainty.

People &

Bet Captains

Christian Keller (IBM)
Johannes Höhener (Swisscom)


IBM, Grunder Rechtsanwälte, Kaiser Odermatt & Partner, Kanton Zug, Proxeus, Swisscom, VermögensZentrum, Zwicky Windlin & Partner


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