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We want to help closing the ‘Swiss execution gap’ in digitalization. Switzerland is theoretically well equipped when it comes to digitalization (knowledge and talent), but lags behind when it comes to action and successful implementation.


We bet that in 2022 at least 500 Swiss companies (SME’s) have used the ‘digital fitness check’ tool and subsequently have started to implement concrete actions. This will not only improve the ‘digital fitness’ of the respective company, but also of Switzerland overall (measured by IMD’s ‘digital readiness’ resp. ‘digital competiveness index’).


The Swiss economy consists of 99% SME’s. They are in very different stages of their digitalization journey. Recent studies show, that only 40% of SME’s think, that digitalization will have a major impact on them in the near future and therefore intend to take action. And the ones who started to act often lack a systematic approach, which leads to an alarmingly low 5% implementation success ratio. We think that this is a call for action.


The research-based platform-tool will help SME’s to appraise their own digital fitness and close appraisal gaps (by objectivizing, 360 degree, benchmark). Subsequently the tool will suggest a few concrete actions ranked by impact and support them in the implementation process (by retaking the test and measuring/benchmarking their own progress).


The ‘digital fitness check’ will help Swiss companies to be better equipped in the digital age.
SME’s will have a pragmatic tool at hand to check where they stand today in their overall ‘digital fitness’ and how they can lead a successful digital transformation journey.

People &

Bet Captain

Chantal Stäuble (Beyond Strategy Group)


Swisscom, Daura, (others to be announced shortly)
Research partners: IMD, CBS


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