How can the construction process for real estate become more efficient?


The Digital Building Standard team intends to create a digital modelling standard for real estate and therefore bets that they will have formulated the higher-level modelling goals until September 2017, created a detailed standard for a modelling scheme by April 2018 and implemented a digital prototype by April 2019.


Throughout the development of real estate, many stakeholders interact using different plans of the same building, each according to their needs. This creates duplications and limits the potential for a smooth and effective work-flow. In addition, a standard on real estate models does not exist yet.


A digital modeling standard for real estate, that is used by all stakeholders throughout the life cycle of a building, could solve that problem. With such a model, the underlying plans could be continuously modified and adapted according to the builders’ vision and requirements.


The entire construction industry in Switzerland, especially property owners, planners, installers and operators, would benefit from such a standard due to increases in efficiency.

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Bet Captain

Alexander Muhm (Swisscom)
Manfred Huber (Fachhochschule Nord West)


SBB Immobilien, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Dozent für Digitales Entwerfen und Bauen, Zumtobel Group, Swiss Life, Steiner, Wincasa, SIA


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