How can we provide minorities with access to technology despite the language barrier? How could such a solution be beneficial to the rest of the world?


The Artificial Intelligence Roundtable bets that it can put an artificial intelligence service in place that is able to understand and speak one of Switzerland’s rarest dialects until April 2018.


Speaking only a minority language is a barrier to technology adoption today, since all interfaces exist in common languages. However, the development of a rare-language interface is economically infeasible with incumbent technology. As a consequence, a large part of the world’s population is estimated to be excluded from digital tools.


The solution is a “Dialect-Bot” based on artificial intelligence, that will be able to recognize, understand and then speak the rare dialect the person interacting with it is speaking. 


By applying the method to other rare dialects, people around the world could fluently communicate with each other and use any technology by applying voice control.

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Bet Captain

Felix von Reischach (Swisscom)


Swisscom, UZH, Slowsoft


No news on this bet yet – but there are insights on other bets.


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