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How can privately owned companies easily acquire capital? What would a stock market for these kind of companies look like?


The Fintech Roundtable bets that it can digitally map the issuance and trading of Swiss C-Share certificates until April 2019 and create an Minimal Viable Product (MVP) by April 2018.


The process to raise equity for SMEs and startups prior to their initial public offering is difficult since the stock market is not accessible. Therefore, financing outside of stock markets requires large efforts to legally secure the concept of digital property in order to create the necessary confidence.


Creating a stock marked based on blockchain technology, where Tocken as Swiss C-Shares can be traded, provides access to equity for non-listed companies.  The solution would be the world’s first digital stock market which would be highly efficient, secure, smart and accessible for everyone.


C-Shares are the next step in digitalizing the economy. Because C-Shares facilitate access to capital, they increase the attractiveness to invest in Swiss companies. They would also promote Switzerland’s leadership position in terms of economic digitization by setting the global standard for the most important economic basis for digitization: the digital (crypto) property!

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MME Legal, Swisscom, University of Zurich, Wenger & Vieli


The Fintech-Bet has its own webpage, go have a look at it: https://daura.ch/
How does Daura – the new Crypto Share that uses Blockchain can be watched here.
Background insights on the Fintech Bet can be found here.


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