With crypto-currencies we have reached an ending road, people know about it in a neutral to negative way (highly speculative bubble, promotion, gold rush). Now it is time for true Blockchain Applications (DApps), which are already being built as we speak. In other words there is an actual need for owning cryptocurrencies (i.e. Ether) in order to use these DApps.


We bet that by April 2020 over 1/4th of the Swiss population will have used / interacted with a DApp (Blockchain powered decentralised Application) either consciously or unconsciously. This also means 1/4 of the Swiss population will have a wallet (otherwise the interaction is not possible) and in most cases will have used cryptocurrency to do something with it (instead of just holding it “for speculation”).


In 2017 and 2018 too many people, especially service providers (legal, advisor, etc.), were focused on the ICO (initial coin offering) boom and the many utility token projects. In general, the technology as such has a too dominant position. There is a lot of hype, smoke and mirrors (lack of understanding) and a missing connection with traditional infrastructure. This will soon change, as several teams are working on what Blockchain is actually meant for, meaning the technology itself is being used for enabling the general public to interact with businesses or markets that previously was not possible or much too exclusive (too high entry barriers).


1) Focus on value proposition / product first
2) Collaboration / cohesion across the ecosystem
3) Easy to use / flexibility of choice / user-friendliness
4) Educating people on the possibilities
5) Regulatory clear and efficient environment


1) Maturing of the ecosystem > improve brand of Switzerland as „Crypto Nation“
2) Mass adaption means good products > export technology
3) Create a demonstrable number of new jobs
4) Enrich people lives and lower / removes barriers of entry

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Bastiaan Don (blockimmo)

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