Case Studies


What does automation and digitization mean for companies? What could a successful transformation look like?


The Case Studies team bets that until April 2018, they will have published case studies of 100 SMEs that have actively developed their digital competencies, and that by April 2019, 400 case studies will have been compiled representing the different sectors of the Swiss economy.


Companies have to adopt their processes to keep up with the increasingly competitive environment resulting from digitalization. However, particularly for SMEs this transformation often fails due to lack of experience or financial means to acquire knowledge.


A collection of concrete case studies, which shows how SMEs in Switzerland successfully mastered the development of digital competencies, can help to overcome this challenge. The register will be available online to serve as inspiration for other companies and as a networking platform among SMEs.


Through knowledge exchange, SMEs have the chance to cost-effectively acquire expertise which will help Switzerland’s companies to stay competitive. At the same time, best practices can be leveraged to develop new digital education services for SMEs.

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Bet Captain

Martin Geisenhainer (Swisscom)


Swisscom, Fachhochschule Nordwest


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