Did you ever notice all the half-empty cars in traffic? What would happen if we pooled all cars on a platform?


The Carpooling team bets that it can jointly launch a national carpooling software and promote it with a campaign until April 2018. As a result, the bet is to increase the number of passengers per car during rush hour from 1.1 to 1.5 by April 2019.


Due to an excessive utilization of transport infrastructure, Switzerland faces more and more traffic congestion. However, previous carpooling pilot projects in Switzerland have often failed due to a lack of sufficient subscribers, mature technology or missing incentives for car owners and riders.


The idea is to simultaneously launch the national car pooling initiative in as many organizations as possible. This would ensure that a critical mass could be reached, leading to a substantial growing user base and incentivizing potential carpooling users.


By increasing the occupancy rate of passenger per car, traffic congestion, energy consumption as well as environmental pollution would be reduced.

People &

Bet Captain

Christoph Schreyer (Bundesamt für Energie)


Avenir Mobilité, IBM, Mobility, Postauto, Siemens, Swisscom, SBB, Migros MGB, COOP, Uber, Postauto, EPFL


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