Blockchain Solution

for Healthcare and

Life Sciences


The idea is to provide access to electronic health records (EHR) for every healthcare professional, and thus make findings from these records available for improved treatment of patients. The EHR and the associated platform will also allow patients to see their history of healthcare management and exercise their right to control and manage the data.


The team bets that a blockchain-based backbone will be built by April 2019, allowing individuals to store medical data securely and share it with a medical practitioner. And this solution will provide a data marketplace and ecosystem between patients and healthcare insurers and providers by April 2020.


Today medical data is transmitted on paper. Patients have limited access, which means that medical tests sometimes have to be retaken and important data is often not available in an emergency. When patients have personal access to their data, they can decide with whom to share it, whether for their personal benefit (such as better insurance premiums) or for the benefit of research.


Based on blockchain technology, a decentralised platform will ensure trust, authenticity and security between the different stakeholders. The medical data is controlled by the patient and can be shared seamlessly with healthcare providers and researchers with the patient’s authorisation.


Through the creation of a blockchain-based ecosystem, the healthcare system can be made more efficient without compromising the quality. By including every stakeholder (and thus also the patient), the digital transformation of healthcare and life sciences can be seen as a step towards personalised medicine.

People &

Bet Captain

Marco Rogg (Arcondis)


Pryv, HP Enterprise, Cognizant,, ONEBIO AG


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