digitalswitzerland challenge: Act instead of talk!

The first «digitalswitzerland challenge» successfully took place on stage on April 3rd, 2017. 10 round tables presented 18 bets, in which 80 key partners participate. The bets represent key projects for the digitalization in Switzerland. 250 high-ranking representatives from industry, the corporate sector, the academia and politics were also present. Check out the #dschallenge on Twitter as well.

For the first round of the «digitalswitzerland challenge», 10 teams which have gathered around Roundtables, presented 18 bets. These will be now tackled and implemented by the teams.

The winners of the night: #Mobility #eHealth #Blockchain

The President of the Jury, Federal Chancellor Walter Thurnherr announced the winning bets in three categories:

The bravest bet, which leads to head-shaking today, but will earn applause tomorrow, bets to build a “smart neighbourhood” as a test site for advanced, sustainable and autonomous transport solutions.

We congratulate the Roundtable Mobility: Smart Neighbourhood for winning this category.



The most collaborative bet, which creates new partnerships and blasts Silos, bets to establish a digital ecosystem  to increase health within the Swiss population by lowering blood pressure through an app.

Congratulations to the Roundtable eHealth  and its 22 (!) partner organizations for winning in the collaboration category.



The most lucrative bet, which makes Switzerland prosperous, bets to realize a commercial register prototype based on blockchain, which can be used to digitize the founding of the company.

All the best to the Blockchain Roundtable for trying to simplify the founding process for startups.




The winner of the audience prize

The Legal Roundtable turned out to be everybody’s darling: The bet, which wants to establish a Swiss standard for pictograms for data processing and privacy protection, as well as implementing a digital privacy assistant, won the audience prize. Congrats to the Legal Roundtable for winning the audience over.




What is going to happen next?

After the challenge is before the challenge! Now the most complex part starts: The execution and implementation of the bets. After half a year, as of September 2017, a first milestone will be reached. Then it’s full speed ahead till the results are presented on Demoday in April 2018.

During the implementation phase, we will be closely watching how the Roundtables approach their bets, what direction they are taking and how well they collaborate with one another. We will keep you posted and look forward to seeing the bets evolve.

You can find todays media release here: DE | FR | EN

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