Bet Ideas 2019

About the Bet Ideas.

Many interesting Bet ideas for the Innovation Challenge 2019 were submitted on the Open Challenge platform. Out of these, we selected the most promising, which you find in the following.

We are now in the “matchmaking phase”, to bring together strong teams and build support for the final selection of Bets.

The selected Bets get invited to pitch on stage at the Innovation Challenge Demo & Pitch Day on 15 April 2019. This marks the official launch of the digitalswitzerland Innovation Challenge 2019.


These are the bet ideas 2019:

Please note that these texts have not been edited and share the content as provided by the author.

“iCM” App – “iCaseManagement” App.

With the “iCM” as in iCaseManagement app or the “i coach myself” app, we give patients a tool to help them organize their personal health case (information), professional advice, clarification support and supervision on how to communicate with their doctors resp. my rights and responsibilities within the Swiss health care system – all within one app and all relevant languages.

Consumer Blockchain Solutions (DApps) Adoption.

We bet that by April 2020 over 1/4th of the Swiss population will have used / interacted with a DApp (Blockchain powered decentralised Application) either consciously or unconsciously. This also means 1/4 of the CH population will have a wallet (otherwise the interaction is not possible) and in most cases will have used cryptocurrency to do something with it (instead of just holding it “for speculation”).

Digital Landsgemeinde: Online democracy in Switzerland.

We bet that by end of 2019 we win three Communes/ Municipalities (“Gemeinden”) to participate in our prototype for “Digital Landsgemeinde”, i.e. co-participating and designing the common public space by strengthening the participation with new digital instruments. We will achieve best practise not only for the content oriented solutions but also strengthen direct democracy. In the prototyp “Digital Landsgemeinde” there are no losers or winners but only co-designing citizens.

Let’s solve childcare. For the parents, the society, the economy. For the children.

I bet that we can link all Swiss childcare centers (nurseries, Kitas, crèches) to a central platform so that parents in need for a childcare solution can look for nurseries, check slots availability, book fix slots and manage short-time needs/changes directly. A first goal would be to have 5-10 pilot-nurseries and software-makers part of it by mid-2020, so that full coverage can be tackled starting early 2021.

Proof of Concept to Industrialisation – Practical Guidebook.

The team Bets that a practical guidebook will be put into action by 1 April 2020, in order to solve the industrialisation of a proof of concept (PoC) for easy integration into companies’ legacy systems.”
We are looking for partners for the current bet. Would you like to join?

Increase Diversity in tech teams and companies.

The idea is, in collaboration with TechFace, a start-up in Community Recruiting, to not only raise awareness of this fact but to enable companies to connect to female tech communities and support these talents to pursue a meaningful career in tech.

“We bet that until the end of 2021, we increase the percentage of female tech talents working in Swiss based companies by 2% (from 15% today to 17%), women on boards by 1% (from 9.1% to over 10%) and women directors by 1% (from 8.3% to over 9%).”

Democracy booster.

“Since our prototype/release has passed quality tests we plan to start communicate about V1 early march. Our bet (and clear aim) by december 2019 is to:
– reach 20 000 citizens registered users
– have 10 cities as active partners
– cover major votations at federal and cantonal levels”

Big Data Initiative Switzerland.

We intend to create a platform with a database of company figures (balance sheet, income statement, key performance indicators) of small and medium sized business (SMBs).
“We bet that by April 2022, we have implemented a Big Data platform that enables benchmarking for and of small and medium sized business (SMBs) in Switzerland.”

Let’s build a thriving open innovation ecosystem.

“12/2019: Swisscom Kickbox bets that until end of 2019, it has onboarded university talents from three major Swiss universities on, allowing corporates to hire students for their projects and sharing their challenges to be tackled by students on the platform.
12/2020: In a next step, Swisscom Kickbox bets that until end of 2020, it will bring two major Swiss startup institutions on, fostering the collaboration between corporates, universities and startups with specific initiatives.
12/2021: At the end of 2021, Swisscom Kickbox bets that its platform features venture capital and angel investors with at least 10 projects funded through the ecosystem.”

Digital Fitness Check – How can Switzerland take a leap in the implementation of digitalization?

“We bet that in 2022 60% of the Swiss companies have done the ‘digital fitness check’ and subsequently have started to implement concrete actions recommended/following the check up. This will help not only the companies but also improve Switzerland’s overall state of future readiness (by at least 2 points) respectively the overall digital competitiveness index.”

Powerhouses – Empowering Digital Talents.

“We bet that by April 2020, we will have established a “Powerhouse” both in Lausanne and Zurich as brimming community hubs that make learning digital skills accessible to people of diverse backgrounds, including refugees, children, parents, IT professionals, and social entrepreneurs. By 2021, the Powerhouses will have become sustainable and will generate collaborations and projects, and train new professionals for the whole of Switzerland.”

Green IT / Sustainable IT – link the digital and ecological transition.

I have initiated the creation of the association “Pour Un Numérique Responsable”. The mission of the association is the promotion of a responsible digital approach.
“I bet that until April 2020, we have reached milestone “few companies/people are knowing about and are involved in sustainable IT” to reach “companies/people are working together on the subject: the digital transition is linked with the ecological transition”.”



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