Innovation has always been and will always be the key factor for Switzerland’s prosperity.


The challenge.

The Innovation challenge is an invitation to the leading minds of the country to jointly develop innovative concepts and crazy ideas and to put them into action.

Each team forms the starting point of cooperation on a specific topic (e.g Mobility, Health, Finance, etc.). They formulate an ambitious but concrete goal: a Bet, to which the proof of feasibility has to be delivered by the members of the respective roundtable. The bets are implementation-oriented, fast-paced projects and achieve directly measurable impact, for example, by newly established spin-offs, established MVPs (Minimal Viable Products), implemented pilots, ventures, research centres, collaborations, and so on.

As a result, the Innovation challenge offers the opportunity to work on the topical development of digitalswitzerland.

The challenge demonstrates why Switzerland is a model for sustainable innovation. It opens up potentials, creates new networks and visibly positions Swiss strengths and values within the global competition.



The digitalswitzerland challenge is not only open to its members, but also to all other relevant Swiss actors who want to promote innovation and digitization in Switzerland.

  • To participate in the digitalswitzerland challenge, you must be connected to a bet or launch your own.
  • To launch a bet the head of the team – the Bet Captain – must originate from a member organization from digitalswitzerland.
  • The Steering Committee of the digitalswitzerland challenge decides on the accreditation of the Bets; it has the right to exclude Bets which do not meet the formal and qualitative requirements of the challenge
  • The Bet Captain decides on the accreditation of members of the Bet-team.
  • As a result, the challenge offers the opportunity to work on the topical development of digitalswitzerland.

The Bets organize the financing of their project themselves. They are supported by digitalswitzerland in terms of content and by the network of digitalswitzerland.

  • Each Bet is devoted to a clearly defined topic, with which it grapples; in particular, the Bets explains why the topic is of relevance to Switzerland
  • Each Bet has a Bet Captain who heads the table; the Bet Captains put interests of their organization in the background
  • Bets have a tandem partner from the digitalswitzerland network who represents the roundtable within digitalswitzerland
  • Each roundtable organizes itself
  • Bets set themselves international benchmarks; also roundtables pledge to participate at the Pitch and Demo Day


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