Education Digital

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Active; four bets


1: ETH Zurich, HWZ, Pro Juventute, UZH, ZHdK
2: Hochschule Luzern, Swisscom, Swissmem,
3: IBM Schweiz, ICTswitzerland, ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz, Swico, Swissmem, SIZ
4: ICT Scouts / Campus, Codillion, PH FHNW, SBFI, Schulpräsidentin/Bildungsvorsteherin Egg, UZH

Table Captain

1: Dominik Petko
2: Martin Geisenhainer
3: Robert Rudolph
4: Rolf Schaub

Thematic Frame

1: Nationalfondsprojekt
2: Case Studies KMU
3: Plattform digitale Kompetenzen
4: Programmier-Workshop an Schulen


1: Bets to set up a large joint National Fund Program on the subject of “Digital Education”.
2: Bets to publish 100 case studies of SMEs that have actively developed their digital skills.
3: Bets to carry out an online assessment of digital competencies with 20 000 people.
4: Bets to complete a half-day programming workshop with the completed faculty of 100 schools of all levels and all language regions.


Available from April 3, 2017