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Active; four bets


1: APG, Coop, Google, Migros, Valora
2: Coop, EPFL, IBM, Migros MGB, Mobility, Postauto, SBB, Siemens, Swisscom, Uber
Post, Stadt Zürich, AXA Winterthur, Kanton Zürich, Flughafen Zürich, ewz, Swisscom, BMW, Coop, Migros, Swisstopo, EPFL, ETH Zürich, Metall Zug
4: AMAG, Coop, Migros, PostAuto, SBB, Swiss, Swisscom, Valora

Table Captain

1: Andreas Meyer, SBB, Daniel Landolf, Post
2: Andreas Meyer, SBB, Daniel Landolf, Post
3: Andreas Meyer, SBB, Daniel Landolf, Post
4: Andreas Meyer, SBB, Daniel Landolf, Post

Thematic Frame

1: Smart Bahnhof
2: Car Pooling
3: Smart Quartier
4: Augmented Reality


1: Bets to make Zurich’s central station the most digital, personal traffic hub in the world, and a lighthouse for digitalswitzerland.
2: Bets to build a national carpooling offensive as a functional platform and to      increase mobility efficiency
3: Bets to build a “smart neighbourhood” as a test site for advanced sustainable autonomous transport solutions.
4: Bets to use augmented reality in daily operation.


Available from April 3, 2017

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