Act instead of talk!

This is the challenge

Act instead of talk. With the challenge, digitalswitzerland brings interdisciplinary and cross-sector teams with convincing ideas in the field of digitalization to the fore. They translate key projects of digitalization into action more quickly, more effectively and sophisticatedly thanks to the concentrated power of large companies, SMEs, start-ups, academia and politics.


The challenge shows how digitalization can be used as an opportunity and can benefit the whole of Switzerland and its people.


The challenge makes it clear in which areas Switzerland will play a pioneering role in the digital competition and whether it will remain or become the most innovative country in the world.


The challenge demonstrates how cooperation between large companies, SMEs, start-ups, science and politics enable top projects, which can have interntional consequences.

Pitch Event


The challenge is organized in rounds, and in this way offers an opportunity to get started anytime. Next up, the teams will present their projects, during the launch event on April 3, 2017. The Jury will decide which project is the most collaborative, the most interdisciplinary and could have the most impact on society and economy.


Walter Thurnherr, Federal Chancellor (Jury President)
Martin Vetterli, President EPFL
Katja Gentinetta, Philosopher
Jordi Montserrat, VentureKick
Barbara Josef, Entrepreneur
Remo Lütolf, CEO of ABB Switzerland

The President of the Jury, Federal Chancellor Walter Thurnherr announced the winning bets in three categories:

  • The bravest bet, which leads to head-shaking today and earns applause tomorrow, bets to build a “smart neighbourhood” as a test site for advanced sustainable autonomous transport solutions.
    Roundtable Mobility
  • The most collaborative bet, which creates new partnerships and blasts Silos, bets to establish a digital ecosystem to increase health with a first pilot to lower blood pressure.
    Roundtable eHealth
  • The most lucrative bet, which makes Switzerland prosperous, bets to realize a commercial register prototype based on a blockchain, which can be used to digitize the founding of the company.
    Roundtable Blockchain

The audience prize for the bet that we believe in most is the round table legal, which bets to establish a Swiss standard for pictograms for data processing and privacy protection, and to implement it in a digital privacy assistant.
Roundtable Legal