Innovation has always been and always will be the key factor for Switzerland’s prosperity.

Leap by digitalswitzerland empowers organisations in creating collaborative and impactful ecosystems for innovation.

Our goal is to incite digitalswitzerland members and other organizations in the Swiss ecosystem, to innovate locally with global impact, to collaborate within and between organizations and to execute forward-thinking and sustainable ideas. Participating organizations get a fast-track to test out new ideas, partnership or collaborations and a testing ground outside their own organization for innovation projects. Leap tries to share knowledge collaboratively to find answers to challenges which every organization faces – like hyper-connectivity, dispersed resources and risk-averse mindsets.

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Leap is not only open to its members, but also to all other relevant Swiss actors who want to promote innovation and digitization in Switzerland. To participate in the Leap program, you must 

  • Be a digitalswitzerland member and launch a Bet 


  • Join a Bet as a supporter / Receive an invitation from a digitalswitzerland member to join a bet


Topics are seen as thematic areas of focus due to its relevance for Switzerland’s economic development. 

  • The topics are defined by digitalswitzerland. 
  • Members of digitalswitzerland have the opportunity to make suggestions for topics via the Cognistreamer platform.
  • New topics have 6 months to launch new concrete projects as Bets.


All projects in the Leap are called Bets because we believe aiming high, setting concrete goals and being daring are all key ingredients for any good project! 

  • A Bet is an ambitious but concrete goal that translates into a project.
  • Bets set themselves international benchmarks; to identify and implement best practice. 
  • A Bet has a time horizon of maximum of 3 years.
  • The Bet-Teams organize the financing of their project themselves. 
  • Bets can be created bottom-up or top-down 
  • To launch a Bet at least two organizations must come together. Both organizations must be digitalswitzerland member.
  • Each Bet has either one or two Bet-captains (co)-leading the Bet. A Bet-captain puts the bet’s interest before an organization’s to avoid any conflicts of interest. 
  • The Bet-captain – must originate from a member organization of digitalswitzerland.
  • The Bet-teams have the freedom to choose and create their teams independently. Same applies for the accreditation of new members of the Bet-team. 
  • Once a bet is set, the team automatically commits to participate at the Pitch & Demo Day and keep the digitalswitzerland team up to date on the projects’ progress. 


  • The Advisory Group of the Leap program provides advice and ensures delivery of the programme outputs.
  • The Advisory Group of the Leap program decides on the accreditation of the Bets; it has the right to exclude Bets which do not meet Leap’s formal and qualitative requirements.
  • The Execution Team of the Leap program oversees the program’s daily operations to ensure its efficiency and program satisfaction.


The Cognistreamer is Leap’s digital innovation platform and enables the participants to collaboratively identify new challenges to jointly create Bets.

Cognistreamer is reserved for participants of Leap and digitalswitzerland members.

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This platform shall allow you to communicate the challenges you have identified in your organisation, to exchange experiences and join forces with your peers in other industries and organisations. We strongly believe that this interdisciplinary cross-pollination will enable your ingenuity to develop resilient and innovative ideas and projects for our future.

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